Internal Regulations

Private rental accommodation and camping site

Staying on the camping site means you accept the present regulations and agree to comply with them.


Anyone spending at least one night on this camping site must first show their ID papers and complete the police formalities. Unaccompanied minors are not admitted.


Vehicles, tents, caravans, campervans, motorhomes and associated equipment must be installed at the chosen place, following the instructions of the camping staff. Campers’ vehicles must be parked without obstruction to other vehicles and new arrivals.

Extension cables for electric connections are not provided.

There is a speed limit of 10 kms/hr for vehicles joining their pitch.


Visitors are authorized on the site under the responsibility of the hosting campers. However, their vehicles are not allowed on the site. They should be parked in the visitors’ car park on the rue de l’Océan.


In July and August the reception is open between 08H and 12.30 H and 14H and 19H. In the off season these times are restricted.  Duty hours are always posted at the Reception. Outside these hours, if necessary, the staff can be contacted at 07 70 28 74 or 06 72 74 19 64.

After 23H access is not allowed for motor vehicle nor on the site to avoid disturbance. After 23H campers should also keep noise to a minimum.

Campers returning later (after23H) are asked to leave their vehicles in the visitors’ car park at the entrance which is open at night. This car park is watched over in the daytime but not after dark.


Dogs and pets are allowed on the site but must be declared when reserving or at the latest on arrival. You need to produce the health certificate for the animal which must be vaccinated. Dogs must be kept on a leash off your pitch and never left to wander on the site or in the rentals. Droppings must be picked up.


You are asked to avoid any action which could harm the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the site.

Smoking is forbidden in the rentals.

Washing vehicles, caravans or tents is not allowed on the site. Apart from the rentals, dish washing or small washes should be made in the sinks in the sanitary block. Paying washing machines are provided for campers

Please respect the plantations and avoid putting nails into trees or cutting branches.

No marking of a pitch or digging is allowed. Any repair of damage to the vegetation, fencing, soil or camp installations will be paid for by the person responsible.


It is strictly forbidden to light a fire on the ground. Use of the barbecue is allowed under the full responsibility of the user. In emergencies extinguishers are available (they are shown on the site map).

Campers are responsible for their own installations and should notify the camping staff of any suspicious person. Everyone is asked to take the usual precautions for their possessions.


No violent or disruptive games are allowed close to the pitches or installations. Ball games or other team games requiring space should be organized in the field at the camp entrance, marked “games area” on the site plan. The childrens’ play facilities are used under the full responsibility of parents or accompanying adults.


In the case of serious or repeated breach of the internal regulations and after warning of the camper to comply, the staff managers can cancel the camper’s contract. For a penal offence, the staff can call in the police.

Your holidays are precious; thank you for entrusting them to us.